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The maker’s of Mukune-brand
sake also run a restaurant and
bar inside the brewery. The setting
is rustic, the food wonderful,
the prices reasonable.

Mukune-Tei is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner.
One single multi-course meal is available for 3,990 yen (not including beverages).
Reservations required. Our menu changes monthly. Click here for our current menu.

EMAIL RESERVATION: Reservation by Email
PHONE RESERVATION: 072-891-0353 (domestic)
PHONE RESERVATION: 81-72-891-0353 (international)
Call between Tuesday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm (JST). English speakers available.





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7 pm


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1 pm

6 pm

OUR MENU: There is but one single multi-course meal available, which changes monthly and features seasonal specialties. It includes three appetizers, two main courses, rice dish, and dessert. Click here for our current menu. For directions and map, click here.

It's a great treat to drink sake where it is made.spacerMukune-Tei sits in the ancient village of Mukune, amidst lush nature, even though it is but 30 minutes from downtown Osaka, and an hour from Kyoto. As you walk the narrow, winding streets of what was once Mukune village, the main gate of the Sakahan brewery looms large and stands before you in the evening air.

Moss and rocks line the path to a garden that instantly connects your heart to that of old Japan. Across the more than 180 years that these buildings and garden have been here, they have endured the flow of time and change, as East and West, traditional and modern, all came together. The authenticity of the place instantly makes you feel at home, even the first time you visit.

Entering the door to the side of the impeccable garden and ascending the stairs, you can feel, see and sense the traditional architecture about you, craftsmanship that has all but disappeared in these modern times. Even the room into which you enter, remodeled in 1998 when the restaurant was opened, stays true to the vibration and technique of the original 1826 methods and wisdom.

Here you can enjoy outstanding and character-laden sake made with clear, crisp water from the foot of the Ikoma mountain range, and seasonal meals that change regularly. But surely the most delicious thing here is the enjoyment of passing time with those important to us, relaxing and smiling amidst the breeze blowing through the surrounding woods.

Sakahan Brewery

Entrance to Sakahan (Daimon Brewery)

Entrance at Dusk

Mukunetei restaurant - main dining area

Sakahan Brewery - 1st floor counter and waiting area

Sakahan Dining Room -- reserved for special occasions and groups

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