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Mukune Brand Premium Sake -- Root of Innocence, Available in 35 states in America
Mukune Sake
Root of Innocence
Junmai Ginjo

Mukune Sake
Now Available
in 49 States !!!!
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Philip Harper's Insider's Guide to Sake
by Philip Harper

Sake Handbook by John Gauntner
by John Gauntner

Sake Companion by John Gauntner
by John Gauntner

Sake Pure and Simple by John Gauntner and Grif Frost
by John Gauntner
and Grif Frost

Sake: A Modern Guide by by Beau Timken, Sara Deseran, and Scott Peterson
Sake: A Modern Guide
by Beau Timken
and others

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Japanese character for "Sake"
Mukune Sake is distributed in 49 US states
via California-based importer Vineconnections.com

link www.sakahan.com
Sakahan is the brewer of Mukune Sake. Sakahan also goes by the name Daimon Brewery. Founded in 1826, the current owner is Yasutaka Daimon. He is the 6th generation owner of Sakahan (aka Daimon) Brewery.

link www.esake.com
Probably the best site ever if you love world-class sake. There is an eStore through which you can purchase premium sake for delivery in the USA. The site provides a wealth of invaluable sake knowledge written by legendary sake expert, John Gauntner. Distributed in 41 States. Click here for distributor list.

link www.sake-world.com
John Gauntner's site is devoted to Japanese sake. For nearly a decade, John Gauntner wrote a semi-monthly column on sake for The Japan Times, Japan's leading English newspaper. Today he writes a weekly column for the Japanese newspaper "Yomiuri Shinbun" evening edition, and publishes the free monthly Sake World email newsletter. He has written four books on Japanese sake. Visit John's link if you want to learn more about purchasing his books.

link www.vineconnections.com
California-based importer of fine wines and premium sake.
Click here for a list of VC distributors and restaurants in 41 states who carry premium sake . New states are added periodically.

link www.truesake.com
Beau Timken, a professional sake taster and sake sommelier, opened "America's First Sake Store" in San Francisco in 2003. True Sake is the first dedicated sake shop outside of Japan, and carries over 100 unique sake from various Japanese prefectures. Beau is a crusader and educator intent on introducing Americans to the delights of fine Japanese sake. He also puts on some amazing sake tastings.

link www.e-yakimono.net
Your one-stop knowledge center on Japanese pottery and sake utensils. Features an online Japanese pottery store, which sells/delivers worldwide. If you are looking for quality, one-of-a-kind guinomi (sake cups) or tokkuri (sake flasks), this is the place to find them. Store run and managed by pottery expert Robert Yellin.

link www.bento.com/tokyofood.html
A complete guide to Japanese cuisine and eating in Tokyo, with recipes, culinary travel tips, restaurant listings and more, including sake-related listings. 

link www.onmarkproductions.com
Homepage of Mark Schumacher, who lives in Japan and works as a web designer for Sahakan, eSake, and Sake-World. Schumacher also runs the popular A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist and Shinto Deities, as well as Buddhist-Artwork.com, the later selling quality handcrafted wood Buddha statues.

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Profiles of 11 small family-run traditional Japanese brewers, plus links to purchase their sake in the USA or in Japan.  

Site of the Japan Sake Brewers Association. Lots of stuff on sake and sake culture. 

This new site is a great reference resource to people interested in Japanese foods, beverages and related products. It also provides listings of Japanese restaurants in various states. 

The Japan Society of New York offers various online resources on flim, art, lectures, seminars, and other Japan-related events in the USA.

Based in L.A., eKitron offers a wide selection of sake serving sets imported from Japan. They also offer cookware, tableware, kitchenware (retailer & wholesaler) for Japanese restaurants as well as for people who enjoy Asian cuisine at home. Sushi and tea related items are also available.

An introduction to sake and how to brew it. Includes a glossary of terms, short history of sake making, homebrewing information, and some recipes.

Information on brewing sake at home by Mitsuo Hoshida. 

Information on sake, sake dictionary, sake brewing, and other links.

Top 25 Sake Brands of Isaka Yasuhiro, President of Isaka Shoten. 

A Japanese restaurant in New York with information on sake and links to other sites. 

Provides links to various English and Japanese sake sites. 

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