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Daimon Shuzo in Osaka, Kansai Region
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Mukune Brand Premium Sake -- Root of Innocence, Available in 35 states in America

Mukune Sake
Root of Innocence
Junmai Ginjo

Mukune Sake
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Welcome to Sakahan World
Entrance to Daimon (aka Sakahan) Brewery in Osaka


  • Mukune Brand Premium Sake is made by Daimon Brewery
  • Mukune sake is named after an old Osaka village called MUKUNE.
  • Daimon Brewery is also known as SAKAHAN Brewery
  • Click here for message from Sakahan Owner, Daimon Yasutaka
  • Click here to view the parent company's homepage (Japanese & English)

Welcome to Daimon Shuzo BreweryDaimon Shuzo (aka Sakahan), founded in 1826, is located at the foot of the scenic Ikoma mountain range in Katano City. Katano occupies a well-known spot in Japanese history. During the Heian era (over 1000 years ago), the aristocracy of Western Japan flocked to Katano to enjoy the very beautiful scenery that abounded there including lovely cherry blossoms in the spring and the verdant surrounding mountains. Hunting was the main sport of the gentry and cotton seed oil and silk production were the usual industries of the residents. Sake production began during the Edo period, but of the several sake-producing firms originally present, only Daimon Shuzo still remains.

The Sake
"The sake we make is known by the brand name Rikyubai and also by the name Mukune. Our sake is, in general, full flavored but mellow and balanced. Our higher grades of sake are often very lightly laced with fruit essences such as pear and peach. A nice acidity suffuses the flavor, allowing it to spread out evenly."

Size and Special Characteristics
Daimon Shuzo produces about 500 "koku." As one koku (the traditional measure of sake in Japan) is 180 liters, about 90 kiloliters is brewed here each year, in the traditional brewing season which runs from October to May. This is fairly small by industry standards, but allows Daimon Shuzo to strictly control the quality and style of the sake they produce.

Brewery President Yasutaka DaimonCurrent Director / Owner / Master Brewer
Yasutaka Daimon is the sixth-generation director of Daimon Shuzo. He notes that in Japan there has been a recent trend away from sake and toward other beverages like wine.

"We take great pride in our traditional product and I feel that the distinctive taste and manner of drinking sake is inherently tied to the Japanese culture and spirit. I promise to endeavor to continue to produce our high-quality sake with the hope that future generations of all people can enjoy and savor this fine and relaxing style of drinking sake." 

Notable Quotes from Master Daimon
"The most important factor involved with producing good sake is the water supply. We have been blessed with a natural spring providing water which is rich in minerals pure enough to be used in the production of excellent sake. Many people have shown an interest in our water alone, preferring to use it when they do the Japanese tea ceremony, or even for healthy consumption at home in regular tea and coffee. We have also been growing our own Yamada Nishiki rice, the king of sake rice, in cooperation with local rice growers, thus keeping us close to the community in yet another way."

For more information about Daimon Yasutaka, plus speeches and writings on Japanese sake given by Daimon, please click below: 

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    dot Sakahan and eSake.com
    Sakahan (aka Daimon Sake Brewery) is a founding member of eSake.com (new window), a web site devoted to bringing premium Japanese sake and sake knowledge to fans around the world. Another founding member is sake expert John Gauntner. John runs his own wonderful site (Sake-World) on all-things-sake. He has written four books on sake, holds frequent seminars, and actively promotes sake worldwide. At the moment, Sakahan (Daimon) sake is available in 35 states in America. Click here (new window) for a list of USA distributors. Great thanks go to Vine Connections of California, the importer and distributor of premium sake in America for member breweries of eSake.com. Click here for Vine Connections web site (new window). 

    dot Sakahan and SEA (Sake Export Association)
    Sakahan is also a founding member of the Sake Export Association. This collection of small family-run Japanese sake breweries is actively promoting the export of sake to America and other major worldwide markets. John Gauntner is also actively involved in this project. 

Mukunete Sign
Daimon also runs a restaurant & bar at the brewery.
The setting is rustic and quaint, the food quite good,
the prices reasonable. It's a great treat to
drink sake where it is made.

English Speakers Available
 Tel: 072-891-0353

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Entrance to Sakahan (Daimon Brewery)

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